The Eye Inside (AKA Another Voice)

Season 3, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 3/16/2003
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Callie Renee Mortimer1984-2003Young Callie comes walking out of a bar and notices a few guys whistling at her. She ignores them for a moment, until their advances become a bit more obnoxious. She starts to cross the street to get away from them, and they yell out to her to get her attention. She then notices that the raucous group is just some of her friends that are messing around with her. However, she‘s still in the middle of the street and the car coming down the road doesn‘t see her.Lisa has quit her job without consulting Nate, and he doesn‘t seem to be overly happy about it. However, Ruth seems extremely happy letting them live in David‘s old room. Ruth also seems to be acting out a bit with her new friend Bettina. She skips out on a job interview, and steals a tube of lipstick from a department store.After Phil tells Claire that she can‘t go to one of his band‘s gigs because of another woman, she decides that she can‘t continue a relationship with him if he‘s going to d