Tears, Bones and Desire

Season 3, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 4/20/2003
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Daddy1940-2003 A unique family makes hand mops and teaches their children from the backyard. Daddy, their teacher and father, sits down as the children play and his hat slips from his hand.The family of Daddy comes to Fisher & Diaz, and have a unique look on life. They are a communal family known as "The People." They decide to allow embalming, but they insist on remaining in his presence at all times so government agents don‘t take him.David invites some of his friends to a paintball game that Keith planned. Keith seems fine with it, but once of the paintball field, he seeks revenge for the party game he failed so miserably at.Lisa gets even more paranoid about Brenda, and decides to make an appointment for a massage with her. While there, Lisa seems very nervous, and at one point even cries. Afterwards, Nate sees something different with Lisa, but can‘t quite figure what it is.Ruth kisses Arthur, but he asks her not to do it ever again. He cherishes their friendship and doesn