Perfect Circles

Season 3, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 3/2/2003
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Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr1965-2002What would it be like if Nate died? Or, if Nate and Brenda had a kid? Or, if Nathaniel Sr married someone different? Or, if Nate‘s surgery didn‘t go so well and he became brain damaged? Or if Nate was an existential redneck? Nate experiences alternate realities but which one does he choose?Fisher & Sons is now Fisher & Diaz, and Rico is taking a stand. He does not want to be a "gofer" anymore, and makes sure everyone knows he is now a partner.Claire becomes "gofer," for 50 bucks a shot, and takes a body to the crematory where she meets a worker named Phil. She plays hooky from art class the next day to be with him.David and Keith start couples therapy, which only seems to anger Keith more.Ruth gets a bit obsessive with her granddaughter Maya, but Lisa puts her in her place.Lisa also deals with the quirkiness of her frenetic boss and landlord, Carol.