Nobody Sleeps

Season 3, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 3/23/2003
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Robert Lamar Giffin1955-2003A room full of men are watching an old movie and one man is cuddled up with Robert, who is attached to an IV. The last thing Robert does is laugh with his head on his lover‘s shoulder.Nate is having bizarre dreams again. This time he‘s dreaming of his mother in his bed in the morning instead of his wife. He also has a dream with his father, where we learn he‘s afraid of becoming his father.Lisa is planning a birthday dinner for Ruth, but Nate thinks it‘s a bad idea. According to him, they‘ve never done anything for her birthday before and she seems to like it that way.Bettina accompanies Ruth to the dentist and makes a fuss about having to wait over an hour on her birthday. They skip out there and go to a massage parlor where they discuss their past infidelities.Kevin, the lover of Robert, asks Fisher & Diaz if he can do something a little different for Robert‘s funeral. He wants to make Robert‘s funeral a scene in an opera. They agree and are quite a