Everyone Leaves

Season 3, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 5/4/2003
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Jeanette Louise Bradford1928-2003 While at a family picnic, Keith‘s mom‘s aunt gets stung by a bee. She immediately has an allergic reaction.Vanessa seems to be out of her depression. She has more energy and Frederico is enjoying it. She schedules them for dance lessons, and they have a blast. Later, while dancing at a club Vanessa starts to have difficulty breathing. She asks Frederico to give her a Xanax out of her purse that has quite a number of pills in it.Keith and David argue, as usual, in the car on the way to Keith‘s great aunt‘s funeral. David thinks they‘ve had enough sexual exploration for the moment, but Keith wants to continue.After visiting with a man who lost his wife, Nate goes into the kitchen and starts to cry. Lisa is going to visit her sister up the coast and is worried about leaving him alone. Nate reassures her that he just had a temporary meltdown and he‘ll be fine.While in class, Russell has a breakdown of his own, temper-tantrum style. After his return,