The Last Time

Season 2, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 6/2/2002
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Aaron Buchbinder1976 - 2002Nate is awoken by the sound of his alarm clock, he wakes, gets dressed and walks to the kitchen where Ruth is sharing baby photos of his new daughter Maya. Nate is pissed off that he cannot have anything to do with the child but his mother is over taking pictures. She tells him she has every right and Nate storms out.Nate then arrives at the hospice where his friend Aaron is dying. Aaron tells him he is petrified and does not want to go. Nate assures him it will be alright and tells him to go into the light. Aaron dies and Nate cries.Meanwhile, the funeral is under inspection for a damaged septic system and Nate is mandated for cranial surgery on the day of Claire‘s graduation.David and Keith are having problems when Keith is suspended. David is angered that Keith stays home all day and does not care how David is feeling when his brother may be dead in two days. The two then engage in sexual intercourse and all is forgotten at least for now.Federico afra