I'll Take You

Season 2, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 5/19/2002
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Leticia Perfecta Perez1929 - 2002Young ladies in a beauty parlor are getting ready for a Quinceanera (15th Birthday Party) while two older women, Leticia and her friend are sitting near the hair dryers. The stylist is telling everyone they look beautiful (young and old) but when he compliments Leticia Perfecta Perez she had already passed on.Nate is reading excerpts from Brenda‘s laptop. Brenda scolds him for being nosy and not to look at the novel until it is completed. Brenda then starts to get nervous when he reads a passage involving her real life affair aloud. Nate then asks her randomly "Have you ever slept with two guys at the same guy?" She does not answer but passes the question to him.David and Keith are preparing for their roles as the new parents of 9 year old Taylor. Over breakfast two two announce that a social worker will be visiting their house. Taylor is far from ecstatic when she tells them about her previous social workers. As the day draws near, Keith tells David