Funeral For A Phone

Season 1, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 10/7/2007
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Second part of the Season Finale. On the advice of her psychiatrist (guest star Carrie Fisher), Jenny buries her cell phone and attempts to forget ‘Cell Phone Man‘. Rick assigns her a piece for In Person on a blind man who is restoring classic music pieces for digital use. When her psychiatrist recommends she make an effort to stop seeing things that aren‘t there as she develops her pictures, she turns to him, and he tells her not to let anyone give up her gift. Cell Phone Man (Steven Weber is revealed) returns from China and has his sister, a police detective, trace Jenny‘s phone. He shows up at In Person, where Becca is using Jenny‘s phone. Becca refers to her fiance, Ian, and Cell Phone Man, believing Becca to be Jenny, and that she is back with Ian, leaves. After Jenny ceases to see the psychiatrist, Vivy reveals that she unburied Jenny‘s phone, giving it back to her when Jenny comes to help her makeup at the wedding. Cell Phone Man shows up at the wedding, and objects during the ceremony. Jenny overhears him, and reveals herself from the back of the church, leading him outside. In each other‘s arms, Cell Phone Man introduces himself as ‘James‘, and they kiss.

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