Season 4 Episodes

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Dear Consumer

Season 4, Episode 20 - Air Date: 12/6/2009
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Especially the Animal Keith Crofford!

Season 4, Episode 19 - Air Date: 9/20/2009
The creators imagine the origin of the Wuzzles. Learn what Cloverfield's real intention was. See a new spin on Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window.
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Please Do Not Notify Our Contractors

Season 4, Episode 18 - Air Date: 9/13/2009
The Bachelor and the beast. We see how the knight guarding the Holy Grail spends his time and we are introduced to Montage Man.
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Cannot Be Erased, So Sorry

Season 4, Episode 17 - Air Date: 9/6/2009
The creators imagine what the Humping Robot would look like on screen. John Connor tests out the new Terminator.
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The Ramblings of Maurice

Season 4, Episode 16 - Air Date: 8/30/2009
Cereal companies try out a viral video advertising campaign.
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Due to Constraints of Time and Budget

Season 4, Episode 15 - Air Date: 8/23/2009
A deleted scene from Raider's of the Lost Ark is presented. Flubber sells out and becomes a condom product.
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President Hu Forbids It

Season 4, Episode 14 - Air Date: 8/16/2009
Deleted Out-takes from The Dark Knight; Dr. Manhattan's dark secret; the premise for Dateline's To Catch a Predator backfires big time; and the Robot Chicken nerd injects a little creativity into a gaming session of Dungeons and Dragons.
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Unionizing Our Labor

Season 4, Episode 13 - Air Date: 8/8/2009
Medieval Dukes of Hazard. The downward spiral of the Libertarian Party. Transients begin to wear Clark Kent's clothing.
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Maurice Was Caught

Season 4, Episode 12 - Air Date: 8/2/2009
Maurice plays Thermo Nuclear War WarGames style, Jean-Claude Van Damme re-imagines Gone With the Wind, we see scientists attempt to design a working jet pack and Annie holds a Sweet Sixteen party.
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We Are a Humble Factory

Season 4, Episode 11 - Air Date: 7/26/2009
Robot Chicken's unique take on MASK, The Black Hole, Armageddon, Star Trek TNG, WWE and more.
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I Love Her

Season 4, Episode 10 - Air Date: 2/8/2009
The creators imagine how Freddy Kreuger got his start, what would happen if the Monchhichis drew first blood, how Criss Angel delivers the Ultimate Mind Freak at Hogwarts, if the Power-Puff girls were on drugs, and what a day with the Living Lohans might be like.
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But Not In That Way

Season 4, Episode 9 - Air Date: 2/1/2009
The Giving Tree has much to give, everyone loves InuYasha, The Joker takes his revenge against Batman, and the creators imagine what happens when Punky Brewster discovers boys and who Stephen King's new neighbor might be.
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Two Weeks Without Food

Season 4, Episode 8 - Air Date: 1/25/2009
The creators imagine how Zeus would spice up the "Clash of the Titans." See how "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" would look like in an opera.
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Love, Maurice

Season 4, Episode 7 - Air Date: 1/18/2009
The creators imagine how Barbar might rule with an iron tusk, where O.J. might search for his ex-wife's killer and what Skynet might send back as their next terminator.
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PS: Yes, In That Way

Season 4, Episode 6 - Air Date: 1/11/2009
Strawberry Shortcake solves a robbery. Billy Dee Williams goes shopping. The creators imagine what happens when Harry introduces his cousin to the Hendersons.
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Tell My Mom

Season 4, Episode 5 - Air Date: 1/4/2009
The true story is revealed behind Billy Joel's hit single, Piano Man. Joey Fatone shares an idea for a new sketch that he can star in, Spongebob Squarepants learns that Sandy has a little sponge inside of her, being a princess in distress isn't always glamorous, a life-sized crane game, Hungry, Hungry Hippo's gone horribly wrong, when you can't afford The A-Team, it's time to call the B-Team!
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In a DVD Factory

Season 4, Episode 4 - Air Date: 12/28/2008
Find out the only way to kill a werewolf. Discover the secret origin of Composite Santa Claus. The creators imagine a deleted scene from the Daredevil movie.
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I'm Trapped

Season 4, Episode 3 - Air Date: 12/21/2008
Witness the aftermath of the box office sale of Pluto Nash. The creators imagine the truth behind James Bond's sex life.
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They Took My Thumbs

Season 4, Episode 2 - Air Date: 12/14/2008
The creators imagine the contractor in charge of building those temples in Indiana Jones. Jason Voorhees gets ready for Friday the 13th.
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Help Me

Season 4, Episode 1 - Air Date: 12/7/2008
Seth and Matt enlist the help of Joss Whedon, Ron Moore and Seth MacFarlane to get their show renewed/ PaPappa the Rapper in court/ Tila Tequila is really a cyborg/ the Trojan Condoms mascot makes a surprise visit at a dinner with friends.