Season 1, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 4/24/2005
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1. Happy Birthday, Billy:A skydiving clowns parachute malfunctions.2. My Bad:A jungle native impales one of his buddies with a spear.3. Fagabeefe:A guy says, ‘fagabeefe‘.4. Hollywood Spotlight:A revealing biography of the Incredible Hulk.5. Who‘s Nuts Now?:A squirrel with a sniper rifle.6. Sabrina the Teenage Bitch:In her new spin-off Sabrina is a condescending bitch.7. Pinocchio‘s Firewood:In order to keep warm, Pinocchio lies so that his nose grows and uses it as firewood.8. Chappaqua Follies:Bill Clinton hides his interns in his closet.9. Wheelchair Ride:An old guy in a wheelchair goes down a hill and flies off a cliff.10. Leon!!:Umm... You‘re just going to have to watch this one.11. Sabrina the Teenage Bitch (Part 2):Sabrina pretends to help her hungry cat get to his food, but then decides not to in order to be a bitch.12. Domestic Bird Squabble:A couple of Robins break up.13. Eternia News Network:Beast Man publicizes a sex tape between him and Teela.14. Inept Garbage Collector:A garbage man mistakes an occupied Port-O-John for a garbage can.15. Sabrina the Teenage Bitch (Part 3):Sabrina as a witch takes kids Halloween candy and throws it off of a bridge.16. Where‘s Michael?:Michael Jackson has yet another court appearance.