Season 1, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 9/17/2012
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From NBC: After 15 years of darkness, an unlikely trio sets out on a journey to save the world.

‘Revolution‘ Premiere: Who Turned Out the Lights?

By now, I think most people are familiar with Revolution‘s premise. Electricity all around the world goes out thanks to some as-yet-unknown cause and we flash-forward 15 years post-blackout to a dangerous new world. It‘s a high premise: does the show deliver? The Set-UpThe show does an interesting thing in setting the story 15 years after the blackout, thus avoiding all of the initial survival drama and dropping viewers into a new world with new rules. Another smart move on the part of the creators is in making a naïve young girl our main protagonist. By having Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) drive the plot, the audience gets to learn about the dangers and intricacies of this new world as Charlie discovers them. The drama surrounding Danny‘s (Graham Rogers) kidnapping is a bit of a cheat in getting the audience to connect with the characters right off the bat but it is something that will probably pay off in the long run and it makes a good introduction to the deadly militiamen.
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