Long Live the King

Season 1, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 5/8/2014
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From the CW: "Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Catherine (Megan Follows) form an unlikely alliance when deciding how to deal with the increasingly manic King Henry (Alan Van Sprang), which puts Francis (Toby Regbo) in jeopardy. Bash (Torrance Coombs) finds a boy who lived to tell about his encounter with the Darkness, which makes Bash determined to end it for good at any cost. Lord Julien (guest star Giacomo Gianniotti) reveals the truth about his motives, and Lola (Anna Popplewell), blinded by love, finds herself in a dire situation after she attempts to protect him."

‘Reign‘ Recap: Long Kill the King

Reign benefits and suffers from a selective memory. It chooses what it likes about history and what it doesn‘t. It takes creative liberties to a new threshold, creating an unpredictable atmosphere. Who would have guessed Bash would have been named ‘king-to-be‘ for a short while? Of course, the problem with its selective memory is that selective memory includes storylines. I had hoped Reign had long forgotten the Darkness storyline, but alas. It‘s back. Yay.One of the other problems of picking and choosing history is what is chosen. Or maybe what hasn‘t been. There are a LOT of missing things I wished we could see. Mary taking power and control while Francis is gone. Catherine at court. Too much time passes in between episodes -- Francis has come back, Mary Tudor is dead (according to King Henry), Kenna and Bash are close now. All this
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