Episode #1.2

Season 1, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 12/3/2000
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Nathan tells his friend Donna that he fancies a male pupil, and had met and had sex with Stuart. She thinks it‘s great.Stuart meets a man at work who is married with kids, and they have sex.Marcie informs Vince that new recruit Rosalie fancies him. She arranges for them to meet in a pub after work.Nathan‘s mum is in his room and finds gay porn.Stuart picks up Romee and Alfred from hospital and is presented with legal paperwork about maintenance payments and insurance.Following a telephone call from Stuart, Vince wants to give him some support. Vince leaves his date, again using the excuse that his friend‘s mum is in hospital. They go for a drink and Nathan, infatuated with Stuart, turns up. Stuart leaves early, leaving Vince to look after Nathan. Vince calls for a cab to take Nathan home.Vince‘s mum has a new lodger, Bernard, so Vince has to move some stuff out of his old bedroom.Stuart contacts someone over the Internet for sex. Nathan turns up just before Stuart‘s date and is