Ciara, Vanessa Carlton, Nicole Richie

Season 4, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 4/17/2005
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Segment #1: Vanessa Carlton is preparing for a visit on the Leno Show. She is assisted by a back-up band that is really trying her patience. She keeps her cool for the most part, but she has a tough time dealing with the many changes going around her. After many bad takes and an argument in management, the cameras arrive and she‘s been PUNK‘D!Segment #2: Ciara is being driven to an event, when the driver, Jordan, has an altercation with another driver. They engage in typical road-rage activities, until the other car hits several water barrels and leaps off a dirt embankment. The police arrive and start to question Ciara. Notably, the officer gives her a hard time about her name. Finally, when they feel she‘s had enough, Jordan drops the PUNK bomb on her.Segment #3: Nicole Richie and her fiancee go out to eat. The waiter, Chris, takes a liking to Nicole and later asks for her number while the fiancee is using the restroom. Nicole is patient and very kind and takes his number anyway. When Chris comes back, constantly with his hands on Nicole‘s arm or shoulder, the fiancee takes great offense and starts an argument with the waiter. When the manager gets involved, they blame Nicole for taking the waiter‘s number! Finally, she is let off the hook. She takes it well.