Season 11 Premiere

Season 11, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 1/24/2013
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‘Project Runway‘ Premiere Recap: Nightmare on the Dream Team

Toss your all-star seasons aside along with the lesser known judges. The original is back! It‘s the season 11 premiere of Project Runway, but this time there‘s a twist. Yes, I‘m sure you‘ve heard many spoilers, yet I‘m reminding you once more. In case you have been stuck under a rock for the holidays, this edition of PR will be dedicated to teams!The question arises, though, of eliminations. If only one person is to leave each episode and the designers will be assigned to groups, won‘t there be odd numbers? Can we look forward to one group having the advantage with that extra person? Surely they‘ve put more thought into this than what we‘ll have to.
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