Herd Logic

Season 3, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 5/23/2009
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This week the team face a huge rhinoceros-like creature and have to deal with a mysterious woman from the future named Eve (who should be very familiar to players of Primeval Evolved ).A herd of embolotherium have come through an anomaly at an off-road motor course, causing one man to have the worst stag night ever.The team arrive but these seven tonne rhinoceros-type beasts from the Eocene do not budge easily.To make matters worse Abby realises someone is trapped in a tent and for some reason one of the embolotherium seems intent of trampling it.Abby and Sarah try to rescue the trapped civilian whilst Connor tries to lure these lumbering creatures back into the anomaly through which they came without causing a stampede or being crushed in the process.Danny finally arrives, with the enigmatic Eve in tow, but is he too late to stop a stampede?