What Lies Beneath

Season 3, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 8/14/2012
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‘Pretty Little Liars‘ Recap: What Happened at Noel Kahn‘s Cabin?

This week on Pretty Little Liars, all the girls go back into murder mystery mode except for Aria, who gets way too involved with her mom‘s love life. Hanna stabs herself trying to escape from a haunted house, because ‘A‘ is a ghost now, but Emily defeats the evil glass using a baseball bat. But this week Emily isn‘t just breaking glass, she‘s also breaking hearts. Especially when Paige sees her in a confused kiss with Maya‘s cousin Nate. And what‘s Spencer up to? Oh just having a delightful mental breakdown the only way she knows how -- by transforming into Catwoman. Spencer Hastings: honor student, knee sock aficionado, cat burglar. You‘ve got a lock to pick or a cell phone to steal or an obscure question about medicine for the blind, Spencer is your girl!
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