It Happened 'That Night

Season 3, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 6/6/2012
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‘Pretty Little Liars‘ Premiere Recap: The Night That Never Happened

This week on the third season premiere of Pretty Little Liars, the girls stage another post-sleepover cover-up, everyone is hanging out with serial killers in their spare time, and "A" makes a triumphant return. When last we saw our liars Mona had finally been revealed as "A" after trying to throw Spencer off a cliff. Toby returned to Spencer‘s arms, sadly with his shirt still on. Everyone chased after a black swan but no one made out with Mila Kunis. Also Maya was murdered; instead of having died of old age like I originally guessed. (I kid! Maya‘s actress Bianca Lawson will still be playing high school students when she‘s 80, because she is a cylon.)
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