The Homecoming Hangover

Season 1, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 7/20/2010
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In the aftermath of the disastrous homecoming dance, the girls try to sort out the devastation that is left behind. Parents, boyfriends (secret ones, possible ones and current ones), siblings and friends are all in flux, and if the little liars don‘t act fast, the situation could go from bad to worse. And to top it off, the girls are sitting on some killer information about Toby that some people would die to get their hands on. Meanwhile, "A" isn‘t the only one sending Aria text messages as tensions rise in the Montgomery household.

‘Pretty Little Liars‘ Fan Columnist: Wanted Dead or Alive

The ending of last week‘s episode of Pretty Little Liars made me drunk. It was like I drank some toxic cocktail consisting of two parts OMG and five parts WTF. For the next six days I suffered from the worst metaphorical hangover ever. The only antidote? More Pretty Little Liars. Last night my hangover vanished, only to be replaced by another one ... "The Homecoming Hangover". As predicted last week, Emily is alive and well and Toby is most certainly not A (well, maybe it isn‘t certain ... but just look into that boy‘s eyes. He‘s totally innocent!) After their chemistry lab throw down, Toby took Em to the hospital and took off on his motorcycle. In fact, there‘s a very good chance that Toby is that 7988th citizen of Rosewood that is no longer. His motorcycle was found totaled as his step-sister/lover wept from her allegedly blind peepers. Much like Jenna, we are left in the dark about whether or not Toby‘s alive, but it‘s not looking too good.
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