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BuddyTV’s Top 10 Digital Publicists for 2009

Award recognizes outstanding use of social media to engage fans

Seattle – September 2, 2009 – BuddyTV, the largest independent website for TV fans, has announced 10 recipients of the BuddyTV 2009 Top Digital Publicist Award. The award recognizes outstanding publicists for their innovative use of social media to connect to TV fans, engaging them in conversations about shows and cast members. According to BuddyTV President David Niu, “Conversational marketing on social media sites like BuddyTV became very hot this year, and these awardees stood out for their industry-leading ability to use social media to engage fans.”

This is the third year that BuddyTV has given the award. For the first time, the award title includes the word digital, a recognition of the continuing shift of media consumption to online channels. “A lot of us (publicists), we’re so used to thinking inside our boxes about what is necessary for a successful publicity campaign, but now with this wave of online action happening with Twitter and social media sites like BuddyTV, there’s all these different ways of garnering buzz around our shows, that we have to start thinking differently,” said Joanne Park, Senior Press Manager for NBC Entertainment Publicity.

BuddyTV chose the awardees from over 100 publicists that it worked with during the year. They were evaluated using three criteria: 1) a willingness to take risks and experiment with new media; 2) an understanding of the norms of conversational marketing, being transparent, open, authentic and honest; and 3) a responsive and proactive attitude in working with BuddyTV.

The following, in alphabetical order, are the winners of the BuddyTV 2009 Top Digital Publicist Award:
  1. Kristy Chan - Director Publicity - NBC
  2. Natalia Desrosiers - Publicist - Warner Bros. Television
  3. Suzanne Gomez – Director, Primetime Publicity – CW
  4. Beth Haiken - Director, CBS Entertainment Communications - CBS
  5. Cait Hood – Manager, New Media – FOX
  6. Susan Kesser - Publicist - Warner Bros. Television
  7. Gary Mednick - Directory Publicity - NBC
  8. Holly Ollis – Senior Publicist – Warner Bros. Television
  9. Joanne Park – Senior Press Manager – NBC
  10. Jeff Tobler – Publicist – CW

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