Wheels Up

Season 1, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 6/13/2011
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The songwriters take a road trip for inspiration.

‘Platinum Hit‘ High Five: ‘Wheels Up‘

Here‘s your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight‘s episode of Platinum Hit, "Wheels Up."Roadtrip! This week, contestants were challenged to write a personal song about the time-honored traditions of road trips. The short challenge hook? A road trip challenge in whicheach contestant must write a hook about a specific word; some were more abstract (escape,change) while others were more literal (road). Hook winners Jackie, Jess, and Johnny impressedthe judges, but Johnny‘s song about escape wowed the judges. He got to pick his entire team(Johnny, Brian, and Scotty) first while Jess chose Amber and Melissa and Jackie chose Karen,Sonyae and Nick. It‘s about to get literal. For preparation for their road trip song, teams rode ina car to a ‘one-star motel‘ to do the bulk of their songwriting.
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