A Judas In Their Midst

Season 1, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 8/7/2007
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The remaining six pirates sleep in the next morning, attributed to their more lenient captain, Christa. Also allowing swim breaks and sharing the better food, Christa hopes this will keep everyone happy with her captaincy. She continues to plot with Ben and Jay, and the three agree that the Black Crew has to win the expedition. When Jay is placed on the Red Crew, he gives minimal effort, allowing the Black Crew to win yet again. To the dismay of the Black Crew, the expedition resulted in no treasure, as "A. Patel" took it for himself. Jay and Christa agree that Kendra‘s time has come, and Louie casually volunteers to be the other pirate to receive the Black Spot, as he is sure he will stay. At Pirate‘s Court, it is publicly revealed that Louie volunteered to be Black Spotted, and he faces scrutiny for having so much confidence he is safe, as Kendra has already survived five Black Spots.