Vivian's 1986 Toyota Wonderwagon

Season 3, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 4/17/2005
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Ride Owner: Vivian. Female.Owner‘s Ride: 1986 Toyota Van LE.Additions & Improvements:-Paint, light to dark blue fade with atomic orange flame-17" Alba Impulse rims with Cooper tires-Automatic door openers-Blue and gray leather seats-Stain Resistent carpet-2 7" monitors on the ground in the back-2 built in dog bowls-Doggy cleaning system, bathing beauty-Custom videogame console of a plug and play Ms. Pac Man with a 22" monitor-Desktop computer with pentium 4 in the van with a 17" monitor and a wireless keyboard-Neon lights in the walls of the van-2 10" subwoofers-40gb Nomad mp3 player-Refrigerator with west coast water-4 monitors in the back-Gift from X, HP ipaq pda with custom West Coast Customs case