JT's 1988 Honda Civic

Season 3, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 4/3/2005
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Ride Owner: JT. 19 Year Old Male.Owner‘s Ride: 1988 Honda Civic.Additions & Improvements:-Paint, violet candy with silver tribal graphics on the side and candy green pinstripes-18" axis rims with pirelli pzero tires-Ground dynamics front bumper kit and APC grill and lights-Lamborghini doors-Ferrari style seats with custom heating kit in the seats-3 7" directed monitors in the dash with cameras on both sides and the back-pull out tablet pc in the glove box voice and hand writing recognition-Brand new suspension, adjustable ground control coil-2 speakers with spinners in the trunk-Gift from X, professional microphone that works through his car speakersJT has officially been pimped.Final Look-Norrin Radd