Life Coaching

Season 3, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 5/16/2005
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Today, it‘s hip to have a therapist. In fact, you‘re really "in" if you skip doc‘s diagnosis and head straight to a "Life Coach" for motivation. The training of psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health "professionals" does little or nothing to make them better equipped as counselors or therapists. We‘ll reveal the bullshit that Freud made famous, and we‘ll find out what the experts think about the degree to which drug therapy is being used. Is it really helping? Or, are we over-medicating our way to an unknown future. We‘ll expose the truth behind the lucrative mind games industry, tracing its history to the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. We‘ll weave our way through all the trends in psychobabble, including the latest scam, life coaching. We‘ll catch coaches in action as they celebrate International Coaching Week with an array of events and activities. To top it all off, we‘ll create our own psychotherapist and thread him throughout the show. Skip the therapy & coaching, talk to a good friend and take some notes during this episode of Bullshit!

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