Ep. #2079

Season 9, Episode 48 -  Air Date: 9/20/2007
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At the Bennett House:Les‘ threats have finally gotten to Hank. He agrees to get Sheridan to him, if only he will leave his family alone. Les tells him that this will square his debt, and keep his hands clean. Suddenly Hank tells Les that he‘s just going to go to his brother and tell him everything. Les just laughs at him. Hank insists he‘ll do it -- he would rather die than have Les hurt his nieces or Sheridan. Les points out that Hank‘s death would leave his nieces more vulnerable than ever, and wouldn‘t change the drug cartel‘s plans to kill Sheridan Crane. Besides -- why would Hank waste all his time and energy on someone who is dating him, but in love with his best friend? Still in denial, Hank tells Les that‘s not true. Sheridan‘s not in love with Luis. Les tells him to get over it. After all, HE‘S not shooting Sheridan. Hank says that isn‘t going to alleviate his guilt. Kay suddenly calls out to Hank, and Les and his two henchmen disappear into the night. Kay comes out and tells