Ep. #2037

Season 9, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 9/25/2007
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Pilar asks some questions about Luis‘s date with Beth, admitting that she always believed that they are a good couple. Luis asks Pilar does Sheridan‘s wandering has anything to do with her past, but Pilar successfully liberates the question. After Luis takes a walk, Pilar calls a taxi and goes to the Cranes. Sheridan is thankful to Hank for his support and she‘s kind of relieved when she realizes that she did not tell too much in her histerical condition. Tabitha laughs evily as she looks Faith‘s house burning. Injured Faith tries to tell Charity to get out of house. In the meantime, the smoke filles Charity‘s room as she lies on the bed sleeping. Timmy feels better when Tabitha returns back home. She tells him that Charity and Faith ain‘t a problem for her anymore. (contributed by dmarex)