Ep. #1755

Season 7, Episode 239 -  Air Date: 6/6/2006
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Sheridan finds out that Gwen turned Ethan‘s proposal down. Gwen explains that she wants Ethan‘s love to be a true one. Sheridan has decided that she‘s going to look for a love like Ethan and Gwen‘s; neither one of them has to worry that the other is after them only for money.Theresa‘s departure from the Crane Mansion proves to be filled with obstacles. When she runs into Ethan she is finally able to talk to him face to face. Her explanations may land her in jail, though. Now, she‘s on the run from the Cranes -- and their not so little dogs, tooCharity helps look for Tabitha‘s ‘granddaughter‘. Tabitha and Timmy may have the upper hand now, especially if Charity doesn‘t watch her step. Faith and Grace ask the help of the same priest...if only he could see the connection between them.Ivy and Julian demonstrate their disgust for each other once again, when Julian threatens to fire Pilar for her son‘s behavior toward the Crane family. Ivy refuses to let him do it -- Pilar is a friend. Wi