Ep. #1709

Season 7, Episode 193 -  Air Date: 4/3/2006
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Gwen assures Sheridan that Luis loves her and that he probably has a reasonable explanation for kissing Beth. She convinces her friend to go back to Beth‘s and talk to Luis. Beth overhears this and rushes home to make sure Sheridan gets an even bigger surprise when she arrives. Mrs. Wallace tries to influence Luis‘ thoughts while he sleeps off the effects of the drugged beer. She is appalled when Beth informs her that she plans to have Sheridan witness her and Luis making love.Kay lectures Simone on how to handle the situation with Chad and Whitney. Simone wants to go after her sister, but Kay points out some sobering facts. She warns that if Simone attacks her sister, her parents may forbid either sister from seeing Chad to stop them from fighting. Meanwhile, Chad insists Whitney‘s parents and Simone be told the truth immediately. Whitney has other ideas, but Chad refuses to go along with her.TC assures Liz that Eve will be happy to let her stay in their garage apartment. Meanwhile,