Ep. #1684

Season 7, Episode 167 -  Air Date: 2/27/2006
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Tabitha listens to her unborn demon baby‘s heartbeat. Jessica and Simone discuss how unbelievable it is that Tabitha is pregnant. The demon baby has a major reaction to Julian‘s presence. Julian comforts an upset Eve. Julian promises to stand by her, and she thanks him for his support.Kay‘s condition worsens as her labor progresses. Charity is unhappy about seeing Kay and Miguel so close. John tries to reassure her of Miguel‘s love. Sam catches Grace being comforted by David.Whitney and Theresa say tearful good-byes. Whitney worries about her mother. Fox agrees something strange was going on with Julian and Eve at the fire.Luis puts the search into high gear and plans to search Beth‘s basement as a precaution. Charlie wants to kill Sheridan off so the cops won‘t find her.Rebecca warns Gwen that Theresa is still a threat.