Ep. #1638

Season 7, Episode 121 -  Air Date: 12/21/2005
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Theresa attempts to manipulate Ethan using her son, telling him that little Ethan needs him in his life. Ethan calls her selfish and insensitive; he is furious to know that she honestly believes he would abandon his own wife and child, and tells her any man who would do that to his family is not a man who should raise children. He loves Gwen and their child, and he will not leave them. Privately Theresa vows that she will do anything necessary to get Gwen and her child out of his life, and to get Ethan into her life and her child‘s life. Fox suggests she just give up, since Ethan is too honorable to leave his wife and child, but Theresa says she will do anything she has to in order to take Ethan from his wife and child, and to give her son the perfect father.A distraught Antonio attacks Luis and demands to know why he had Sheridan‘s engagement ring. Hank finally calms Antonio down and explains that she sent it to the station to try to get them to stop looking. Antonio immediately apol