Ep. #1634

Season 7, Episode 117 -  Air Date: 12/15/2005
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Grace frets over Kay‘s whereabouts and blames herself for her daughter leaving. Ivy realizes Kay‘s death could benefit her; David is sickened by her selfishness. Charity‘s premonitions lead her to Kay. Kay lets Tabitha know she‘s going to tell everyone about her. Tabitha prepares to kill the troublemaking teen.Rebecca and Julian encounter a frustrating problem when they try for an intimate evening. Julian blames Theresa for his problems. Rebecca promises the info she‘s getting on Theresa will destroy her. Julian realizes his young wife may be able to take everything from him.Sheridan makes her decision. Pilar pushes her new daughter-in-law to save her son. Sheridan states she wants to do what is best for Antonio. A desperate Pilar gives Sheridan a harsh ultimatum.