Ep. #1632

Season 7, Episode 115 -  Air Date: 12/13/2005
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Gwen and Ethan prepare for their trip to L.A. to see the specialist. An unaware Theresa also gets ready to leave for L.A., wanting to give Ethan and Gwen some space. All end up on the same plane, Theresa in coach, Ethan and Gwen in first-class. Gwen happily thinks about getting away from her rival, unaware of the truth.Luis notices something very different about Beth, but can‘t figure out what. Beth realizes she forgot to put on her bag of sugar and runs to get it. Luis, suddenly aware that Beth doesn‘t look pregnant, confronts her just as Mrs. Wallace refastens the sack. Beth convinces Luis he only imagined she wasn‘t pregnant.Chad and Whitney spend their first night in L.A. at a nightclub. Recording artist, Myá, makes an appearance and sings her latest hit song. A scheming Fox takes Syd to see Chad and imagines how he can use her to his advantage as a means of getting Whitney.