Ep. #1456

Season 6, Episode 184 -  Air Date: 4/5/2005
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With Ethan and Theresa present, Chad tries to convince Whitney that the two of them can raise the child, and Whitney refuses to live a life of sin with her half-brother. Alone, Whitney breaks down over losing her son, but knows that giving him up is the best thing she can do for him. As Beth arrived to pick up Marty, Sheridan refused to allow Beth to see the boy. Beth tried to get to Marty herself, only to have Sheridan grab her and hold her back. Sheridan suddenly remembered the clowns, and refuses to let Beth see Marty, insisting he‘s her child. Alistair forces himself on Katherine with Gwen and Fox watching. Gwen begs Fox to help his grandmother, but when he does nothing, she attempts to help Katherine herself, and is pushed to the ground for her efforts. Luis again demands that Martin tell him exactly what Alistair had on him all those years ago, but Martin refuses to tell him, determined to protect Sheridan.