Ep. #1327

Season 6, Episode 55 -  Air Date: 10/1/2004
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Luis tries to comfort Sheridan after seeing the wreckage from the jet, but she is convinced that if she and Luis ever get married, they will never be happy. Alistair taunts Katherine, stating that he is going to arrange for her to have plastic surgery to return to the way she was, but then shocks her with the news that he will restrain her to the hunting lodge, making sure she never sees her children or grandchildren. She finally pulls the gun out and points it at him, and when the two struggle, the gun goes off. While at the Seascape for dinner with Sam, Ivy runs into Eve in the bathroom. Eve calls Ivy on buttering her up, and tells her that she‘s not going to continue to allow her to get away with what she‘s done. Eve tells Ivy that she‘s going to tell Sam the truth. After seeing Fox and Whitney kiss, Chad attacks Fox, and Sam and Julian have to pull them apart. While Eve tries to talk to Whitney, Julian tells Fox to stay away from her.