Ep. #1326

Season 6, Episode 54 -  Air Date: 9/30/2004
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Fox and Whitney‘s dinner at the Seascape is marred by Fox‘s lies to Whitney about their past, Chad‘s presence at the bar, and Fox‘s worry that Whitney is spending too much time with Theresa and becoming as dishonest as her friend. It begins to go better for them when they leave and share a passionate kiss, not realising Chad is watching. After talking to Gwen and Ethan, Paloma finally meets Theresa for the first time, and is introduced to her nephew. Theresa talks about how difficult her life was growing up and how she envied Paloma, and looking around at everything Theresa has, Paloma is insulted by what her sister has said, because she seems to have everything. While on the beach together, Sheridan and Luis see wreckage from Antonio‘s plane, and for the first time they realise what their deceptions did to him. Alistair continues to paw at Katherine when Martin comes in. Martin tries to separate them, but Katherine tells him that she‘s chosen to be with Alistair.