Ep. #1323

Season 6, Episode 51 -  Air Date: 9/27/2004
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When Theresa tells Fox he needs to go slow with his plans to get Whitney, he reminds her that raping Ethan certainly wasn‘t going slow. Whitney tells Chad that he cannot kiss her anymore, and that their life together is over forever. When Chad asks Fox to look after Whitney he demurs, but is secretly pleased that this will give him yet one more excuse. Whitney goes to see Theresa, who not-so-subtly pushes her in Fox‘s direction. Alistair looks at a picture of Katherine and remembers his first love, her sister Rachel, who died in a boating accident. Paloma meets Pilar for the first time in years, but can‘t enjoy it because she can‘t forget about what Alistair said. When Luis starts talking about his and Sheridan‘s plans, Paloma is more convinced than ever that what Alistair said was true.