Ep. # 1508

Season 6, Episode 236 -  Air Date: 6/17/2005
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Grace confronts David at the police station. He tells Grace she knows who he is and presses her to remember him. Back at the church, Eve remains silent as Sam wonders where his wife went.A livid Ivy is anxious to rip Theresa to shreds, but she is trapped in her bedroom. Since Julian failed to fix her room, Ivy‘s doorknob has fallen out and her phone line has been disconnected. Ivy vows to make Theresa pay for e-mailing Ethan‘s paternity to the tabloid. The angry socialite goes to extremes to escape from her bedroom so she can get to the church on time.Julian and Rebecca continue to monitor the wedding by watching the feed from the church. Alistair warns Rebecca her plans for Ethan and Theresa better not interfere with his plans for Luis and Sheridan. Rebecca wonders why Ivy isn‘t at the church to stop the wedding, but soon gets clued in to her rival‘s whereabouts.Meanwhile, the wedding party grows concerned that Ivy is so late. Anticipating Theresa‘s downfall, Gwen is frustrated by