Speaking of Baggage

Season 5, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 11/7/2013
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From NBC: Kristina shares an inspirational story with Amber about her relationship with Adam while Amber’s brother, Drew, has fallen hard for his new classmate Natalie.

‘Parenthood‘ Recap: Suitcases Full of Pain

Season five is finally hitting its stride. We got multiple sibling scenes, hilarity, crying and plenty of drama. I‘ve enjoyed this season overall, but this is the Parenthood I‘ve been missing. Amber organizes an event for Ashes of Rome which leads to a huge moment between her and Ryan. Camille lets the family in on her plan to go to Italy. Julia is starting to lose it and is getting dangerously closer to Ed in the process. Drew and Natalie take it to the next level, only to have Drew left confused sweetly bearing his heart on his sleeve, as usual. Max and Hank become official BFFs.
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