Nipple Confusion

Season 5, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 10/10/2013
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From NBC: Sarah seeks help and comfort from Hank; Zeek tries to steer Camille to his way of thinking about what to do with the storied Braverman house.

‘Parenthood‘ Recap: Important Shots

We last left the Bravermans settling in to their new roles. Julia began to accept herself as an unemployed lawyer and full-time mother with the help of new friend and fellow member of the sustainability team, Ed. Crosby was struggling to balance life as a father of two. Sarah was worried about Amber and Ryan‘s engagement. Despite Kristina‘s enthusiasm and passion for the role, Adam was struggling to support her mayoral candidacy. Camille braved Zeke in broaching the dreaded subject of whether or not they should sell their house.
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