I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Season 8, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 2/22/2011
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From the CW: “As the girls plan a surprise baby shower for Haley, the guys participate in try-outs for Jamie‘s baseball team. Meanwhile, Brooke and Julian pursue adoption, while Mouth gets Millicent ready for her first day at work.”

‘One Tree Hill‘ Fan Columnist: Babies and Baseball

New beginnings faced the Tree Hillers on tonight‘s episode of One Tree Hill as they set out on new paths. Brooke and Julian took the first steps toward adoption, Haley decided on a name for her baby, Fortitude gained a client, Jamie tried out for little league, and Millie had her first day of work.Though most characters know where they hope to end up in life, others are beginning (or continuing) to question what they want in their personal and professional lives and how they will get there. The girls teased Quinn about the possibility of her and Clay getting engaged, making her wonder whether marriage was in the near future, while Mouth dealt with his inability to get a job by helping Millie handle hers.
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