And They Lived…

Season 1, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 4/3/2014
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From ABC: The all-powerful Jafar succeeds in making his father love him and forcing Anastasia into thinking she loves him. After Alice, Amara and Cyrus escape, Jafar imprisons the Jabberwocky and calls upon an army of dead soldiers to do his bidding. Meanwhile, Alice and the White Rabbit raise their own army to fight Jafar for the realm and a final confrontation between Alice and Jafar takes place at the Well of Wonders.

‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland‘ Series Finale Recap: Will Alice Get Her Happy Ending?

When we last left Wonderland, Alice, Cyrus and Will worked to defeat Jafar, once and for all. Amara was released from the staff just in time to watch Jafar kill Cyrus so she would have to help him finish the spell. And poor Anastasia was still dead, though Will clung to the hope that she could be brought back to life.In tonight‘s series finale, "And They Lived...," we learn the fates of Cyrus and Anastasia as Alice faces off against Jafar in one final battle. Read on to find out if tonight‘s series finale of
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