Season 1, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 9/28/2010
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An Average, ordinary family, the Powells have been growing apart steadily thanks to Stephanie Powells successful career as a research Scientist and their kids becoming Teenagers. Jim Powell is the only one who seems to notice. During a family vacation cum Research Trip, (Which Jim forced his family to take) the plane they are in crashes into a lake during a storm. The family safely returns home but doesn‘t seem to be any closer to each other. Eventually, Jim, Stephanie, Daphne and JJ discover that they have superpowers. Jim attempts to use his newly discovered invulnerability and strength to stop crime, but ends up being shot and injured by high calibre bullets and eventually ends up revealing his newfound powers to his wife, who has discovered that she has superspeed. They eventually reconcile and have a heart to heart talk, finally admitting that their marriage needs help. Meanwhile their daughter faces normal teenager issues, which are worsened with the arrival of her telepathy, enabling her to learn that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Initially distraught, she eventually accepts her new power. Meanwhile, JJ, who prior to the crash was of low intellect suddenly becomes a genius. The episode ends with the family spending more time together, playing and Jim and Steph visiting a marriage counselor.

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