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No more than any other genre but the teen drama are secrets used as a dramatic obstacle. So-and-so withholds information to their SO or where they were last night to Mom and Dad. Yawn. Secrets are currency on teen dramas and keep shows on for years past their prime (ask Pretty Little Liars), but they are sort of uncharted territory for everyone's favorite show about teenage wolves and other supernatural creatures.  

With the exception of maybe season 2, I can't remember a time when so many characters were lying to one another all at once on the show (minus the conceit of season 1). The secrets everyone keeps is infusing new life into Teen Wolf, mainly by giving the characters their own struggles and storylines, but this "new" device falls flat when it comes to everyone's not-so-favorite Theo.
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Yet another season has ended in love on The Bachelorette, be it lifelong or temporary, with Kaitlyn Bristowe choosing burly and manly Shawn over the slightly more dainty and deeper Nick.

It was a rejection that was tough on the gut, with the second-time bridesmaid (never the bride) basically arguing with Kaitlyn about whether or not she loved him. She insisted it was real and that she needed every moment they spent together to make her decision, with the only explanation she could offer being that her heart was with someone else.
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In this episode of Becoming Us, "#AllTheTrimmings," Suzy, Ben and Sutton head to NYC to spend Thanksgiving with family, Carly undergoes sexual reassignment surgery in Arizona and Lathan has a special visitor.

Before Sutton, Suzy and Ben head to the Big Apple to celebrate Thanksgiving, Suzy has a sit-down with Carly. Let's just say Carly's ex ball and chain is not pleased. It seems Carly sent Suzy a text saying she didn't have the money for Ben's school fees. This is upsetting to Suzy because Carly does have the necessary funds to get her sexual reassignment surgery.
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It always seems like it sneaks up on us, but it's time for yet another televised quest for love to reach its inevitable conclusion on The Bachelorette. And this marks the 30th occasion in franchise history that one man or woman has had to choose between his or her final two suitors with only slightly varying results, only this finale looks roughly one-third similar to the last time a lady was calling the shots (despite Shawn's best efforts to be in control).

Yes, for the second straight season, Nick -- a guy no one on opening night could have guessed would reach the end of either season -- finds himself off the brink of love. Last time, he lost out on a girl who was more fame-seeker than fun to a guy with giant teeth who peaked on draft day and who shared a romance that didn't quite make it as far around the bases as Nick typically does.
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It's vacation time for the ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County! And Tahiti better watch out because after losing her mother unexpectedly, Vicki's looking to whoop away her sorrows and Shannon is looking to have some fun away from her cheating husband. But first, they have to get through another Game Night.
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It's starting to get real, So You Think You Can Dance fans. Last time, we bid farewell to waacker Lily Frias and ballet dancer Darion Flores. It is sad to see anyone leave the competition, and the cuts will get more brutal as the contest progresses.

I like the addition of the Twitter Save. I think it adds a bit more suspense (and stress) to the voting. So who will give the best performance in this round and who will be exiting the stage for good?
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