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Bruce Wayne wasn't always Batman. At one point, he was an innocent young boy who witnessed the execution of his parents in an alley. Gotham begins the tale when that pivotal event takes place and young Bruce meets the honest Gotham police officer, Jim Gordon. 

David Mazouz (Touch) talks about his experience playing the iconic Bruce Wayne, Bruce's emotional state after his parents' deaths, the relationship with Jim Gordon and more in our interview.
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When the next episode of American's Next Top Model airs, all anyone will want to know is how Lenox will do with just 5 frames. BuddyTV spoke exclusively to mentor Yu Tsai about the challenge that Lenox will face, staying out of the drama, how each of the models are like his children, and more. 
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Sleepy Hollow shocked fans in the finale when Henry revealed his true identity as Ichabod and Katrina's son, Jeremy. The situation became even more complicated when their son revealed that he was War. Going into season 2, the Crane family will have difficult decisions to make and their relationships will be tested.
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foreverreview.jpgTV loves crime-solving medical examiner. From Dr. Maura Isles and Body of Proof to Crossing Jordan, Tru Calling and even Quincy, M.E., television shows enjoy giving the people who perform autopsies even more responsibilities. The latest show to join that list is ABC's Forever, which gets a two-night premiere Monday and Tuesday at 10pm.
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scorpion--premiere-.jpgI've been reading lately that a lot of people are describing Scorpion as a dramatized version of The Big Bang Theory. But the difference between the two shows is ... one has bland characters, the other does not. See where I'm going with this?
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During the first few minutes of FOX's Gotham pilot, all I could think was, "Please don't screw this up, please don't screw this up."

Luckily for Batman fans, as well as fans of good television, the producers and the cast haven't. 

Gotham -- or, at least the pilot -- is taut, well-made and exceptionally well-cast, save for one character. While we've seen Bruce Wayne's parents gunned down in origin stories before, we've never gotten a true origin story about arguably his best friend--the only good cop in all of Gotham: Jim Gordon.
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