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Last time on the premiere of Survivor: Worlds Apart, we were introduced to the contestants on the three tribes separated by work ethic and lifestyle. We have the corporate minds on the white collar tribe, the laborers on the blue collar tribe and the free spirits on the no collar tribe. Let's continue to see the affect these classifications have on the game.
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Things are about to get interesting on American Idol, because for the first time in Season 14, the audience will decide who stays and who goes.

And while Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. determine their picks based on a combination of experience in the business, performance ratings and the ability to recognize potential, America tends to inject a bit more emotion into the mix.
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On one hand, the BAU lucks out with this Criminal Minds case since they don't even need to come up with a suspect list. On the other hand, it's because the victim are prison guards, which means they have a very large suspect list in "Lockdown," directed by series star Thomas Gibson.

The BAU is called in when two guards at a privatized maximum security prison in Texas are murdered, and the tam suspects that there could be more than one UnSub within the prison at work.
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It ain't easy being young adults who are sent to Earth in order to determine if the planet's radiation levels are low enough for human survival. I mean, imagine those raging hormones. But these kiddos have survived, and each of them has kicked ass in their own way in the process.

They've done some horrible things, but also some really wonderful things. Hey, they aren't even old enough to drink yet, so we can't expect them to be perfect. Here are all the times CW's The 100 destroyed and then ultimately restored my faith in humanity.
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Season 14 of American Idol is well underway, and the fates of this year's contestants are now in the hands of America. The Top 24 have all performed in Detroit, and it's time to see who's advancing and who is heading home.

UPDATE: American Idol Live Blog: 4 Guys Eliminated, 8 Sing For Your Votes>>>

The first week of the semifinals was a mixed bag in terms of the quality of performances. There were definitely some standouts from both the girls and guys, but even some of the fan-favorites let us down, like Savion Wright.
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It's week two of Survivor: Worlds Apart, and the white-collar tribe has already put themselves at a disadvantage by voting out So. Not the smartest move for a bunch of implied smarty pants.

This early in the game it's hard to predict, with any real confidence, who's going to have their torch snuffed out by Jeff. And with three tribes, deciding who's at risk is as much about my personal preference as much as anything else. Depending on which tribe screws the pooch come competition day, here are my picks for which tribe members are most likely to not succeed.
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