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dwtss19top12dance.jpgThe wacky 19th season of Dancing with the Stars is underway. After an Olympian won last season, an Olympian was the first eliminated star this year, Lolo Jones. Her negative attitude and trainwreck of a first dance spelled her doom while Alfonso Ribeiro took frontrunner status with his amazing routine.
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While Gotham is about Detective Jim Gordon's journey in a dangerously corrupt city it's just as much a show about villains and their origins. Cast member Donal Logue hints on the magnitude of villains heading to Gotham, as well as when viewers might meet the infamous Joker, while lead star Ben McKenzie reveals his favorite evildoer.
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So what's the big deal about Forever, ABC's new drama which premieres Monday, September 22 at 10pm starring Judd Hirsch, Ioan Gruffudd, Alana De La Garza, and Joel David Moore? Well, that's exactly what Executive Producer Matt Miller (Chuck, Human Target) wanted to talk to BuddyTV about. With little prodding from yours truly, Miller jumped right in and spilled his guts like a freshwater trout. You and I get to reap all the benefits of Miller's generous reveal and find out exactly what makes this crime procedural different from all others.

"The conceit of Forever," shared Miller, "is that this character is immortal. What's great about it is that it allows us to not just tell a story in present day every week, but we get to tell a flashback story every week. So, you're not only telling the 'A' story of that particular weekly episode where you find a body in the ME's office and we solve the crime by the end, we also get to unravel pieces of our own main character's mystery throughout the course of the season."
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TVD601_Caroline.jpgAs each preview for The Vampire Diaries season 6 has shown, everyone handles grief in a different way. Elena is devastated, Stefan has a new woman in his life and spilling the big vampire secret to her and Jeremy's drinking. But how is Caroline handling losing her best friend? That's what the newest sneak peek from the premiere, "I'll Remember," reveals.

When season 6 begins, the Travelers' spell over Mystic Falls is still in place, and that means it's a vampire-free zone. One of the big questions for the season is how long that will last, and if Caroline has any say, it won't be too long.
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Bruce Wayne wasn't always Batman. At one point, he was an innocent young boy who witnessed the execution of his parents in an alley. Gotham begins the tale when that pivotal event takes place and young Bruce meets the honest Gotham police officer, Jim Gordon. 

David Mazouz (Touch) talks about his experience playing the iconic Bruce Wayne, Bruce's emotional state after his parents' deaths, the relationship with Jim Gordon and more in our interview.
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When the next episode of American's Next Top Model airs, all anyone will want to know is how Lenox will do with just 5 frames. BuddyTV spoke exclusively to mentor Yu Tsai about the challenge that Lenox will face, staying out of the drama, how each of the models are like his children, and more. 
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