Season 1, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 4/10/2012
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‘New Girl‘ Recap: Drinking Games and Compromised Milkshakes

This week we saw the return of guest star Dermot Mulroney aka Russell aka Mr. Fancyman. While things seem to be going swimmingly for Jess and Russell, she realizes she‘s spent an entire week at his place and it‘s time for him to spend a weekend at the loft. Naturally, the three guys aren‘t prepped for the presence of someone so mature and sophisticated, but all Jess asks is that they "be normal" (meaning no covert "label checks" by Schmidt or Winston accusing Russell of fearing black people). The result? The revelation of a fictional drinking game called True American, Nick and Schmidt‘s dabbling in entrepreneurship and Jess and Russell‘s first fight.
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