Season 7, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 3/10/2010
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The team discovers striking similarities between themselves and their CGIS (Coast Guard Investigative Services) counterparts when a Navy diver seeking sunken treasure is found dead.

‘NCIS‘ Fan Columnist: ‘Jurisdiction‘ Recap

"Jurisdiction" is a trip through the looking glass.It‘s said everyone has a double somewhere. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) has met his.The investigation involves Navy Master Diver Lt. Michael Jensen who washes up on a beach. The body isn‘t Jensen, however. It‘s a famous financially embattled heart surgeon. The desperate doctor skimmed millions from his corporate accounts. He hired Jensen to dive for Spanish gold. Jensen killed him so that he and the doctor‘s duplicitous wife could take the money. 
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