Rock and a Hard Place

Season 11, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 3/18/2014
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From CBS: After a bomb detonates in the dressing room at a military charity concert, the NCIS team must determine if the target was a washed-up ‘80s rocker or if the bomb was part of a larger scheme.

‘NCIS‘ Recap: Palmer Prepares for Fatherhood

During the previous episode of NCIS, we saw Tony‘s father visit and break the news to his son that he was, once again, getting married. Tony was taken aback that his father was marrying his mother‘s best friend, Linda. After seeking Gibbs‘ sage advice, Tony gave his blessing.In this week‘s episode of NCIS, "Rock and a Hard Place," sees the team investigating an explosion at a military charity concert, as Palmer gets ready to welcome a baby to his family.
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