Season 1, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 2/8/2005
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Hart is a preppy 15 year old who enjoys tennis. He decides he wants a tennis court at his sweet 16 party.So the celebration won‘t die down, Hart, accompanied by his father, travel to New York City to look for girls to dance at his party.Everything seems to be in place until Hart realizes his party is the same night as a school dance. To guarentee more people to come, he lets about 10 of his close girl friends choose a blouse for free from his step mom‘s store.Finally the day of the party arrives. At first not a lot of people show up. Bored, Hart and his friend decide to have a contest to see who can drink the most Redbull. He then gets sick and feels like he‘s going to puke. Soon after, more people show up and he starts feeling better.The dancers arrive. They‘re a hit with the boys. But not with the girls.In the end Hart enjoys his party and says he ""definitley wants to do it again.""

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