The Manny and the Nanny

Season 2, Episode 34 -  Air Date: 7/27/2011
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Married couple Ernie and Christa Felts from San Diego, CA try to win the million dollars. Ready to play, Christa takes on the "Floatacious" challenge where she must place a plastic plate on the surface of a big bowl of water and balance a tower of five empty soda cans on top of it. Later, a new game begins when two strangers, Amanda Contreras from Snowflake, AZ and Timothy Savard from North Easton, MA come together to try and win a million dollars. Excited to play, they both take on the "Bucket Head" challenge where they must catch three ping-pong balls in a bucket on their head by bouncing the ball off the floor and a wall from five feet away. [NBC]

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