Go for Broke

Season 2, Episode 35 -  Air Date: 8/3/2011
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Amanda Contreras from Snowflake, AZ and Timothy Savard from North Easton, MA continue their quest to try and win a million dollars. Excited to play, they take on the "Nutstacker" challenge, where they must take turns unloading their chopsticks to stack 10 nuts into a freestanding structure on a table. Later, a new game begins with brother sister duo Aaron and Andi Sass from Stockton, CA trying to win the top prize. Eager to start playing, Andi takes on the "How?s it Hangin?" challenge where she must tie a string around her waist with a banana attached 12 inches off the floor. With the momentum of her hips and the banana, she must move an orange across the floor and into a hoop. [NBC]

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